Why you Should Add Shrimp to Your Diet

Seafood is a wise choice when deciding what you are going to eat for the day. Shrimp is by far the highest consumed type of seafood than any other. It’s popular and it’s healthy. The fat in fish and shellfish, such as shrimp, are oils. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourage the consumption of this type of fat because it may reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Shrimp along with other shellfish will provide a high amount of unsaturated fat. This includes omega-3 fatty acids which reduce blood pressure giving you two important nutritional benefits:“heart healthy” and low caloric intake. The fatty acids in shrimp provide calories to your body which then converts them to energy to perform many functions associated with your heart, blood vessels, lungs, and immune system. A medium shrimp is only 7 calories and 12 medium shrimp are a little over 85 calories. Don’t think that will fill you up? A jumbo shrimp is 14 calories and three of them are only 42 calories.

Shrimp are not only low in calories, but they are rich in protein. Just 3 ounces of shrimp provide 20 grams of protein, nearly equivalent to the protein quality of 3 ounces of chicken. You can also check off attaining key minerals and vitamins off the list. In a 4 ounce serving you receive 100% of the daily value of selenium, 30% of vitamin B12, 50% of phosphorus, and 30% choline, copper, and iodine. Shrimp is all around a very healthy product with many key nutrients, and the best part about shrimp is that it adds a different flavor to your balanced diet.

Not only are shrimp a great addition to any diet, they provide other products. The shells of crustaceans contain three primary chemicals that have many uses. Protein is used for animal feeds and fertilizer. The calcium carbonate found in shrimp is used in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, construction and even paper industry. Chitin is a nitrogen-rich chemical used in making different items including cosmetics, textiles, household cleaners and skin-friendly soaps.

In addition to being a healthy and tasty protein source, shrimp are a vital part of the Texas economy. On average the Texas shrimp harvest generates $371 million of economic activity and supports 5,400 jobs in Texas. Next time you’re looking for a protein source for your healthy and balanced diet add in some shrimp!

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