About Path to the Plate

Path to the Plate - Texas A&M AgriLife ExtensionWhen consumers are making connections between agriculture and health, there is concern about where information is obtained. Many turn to the easiest and quickest source of information, the internet.

There is an abundant supply of information on the internet that is correct and useful to the consumer. The problem that many run into, is the amount of information being shown to them. Consumers have to sift through thousands of search results to find the information they seek and they trust. For this reason, digital misinformation has become so pervasive that the World Economic Forum has listed it as one of the main threats to human society.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has developed a response to the questions consumers are asking titled Path to the Plate.

Path to the Plate is a comprehensive, educational approach to providing relevant, current, and factual information to consumers. Our goal is to educate consumers so they can make informed decisions when it comes to agriculture and their health.

Path to the Plate is an unbiased examination of agriculture, the food we eat, and the connection to our health. The program is designed to deliver correct, research-based information via a variety of methods.

The overarching goal of the Path to the Plate program is for all Texans to make informed decisions based on truthful and accurate information. More specific objectives of the program include:

  • To work with organizations, agencies, communities and individuals to provide Texans with a wealth of information and perspectives so they may make better informed decisions about the food they eat.
  • To present the important role of agriculture in our daily lives – from production to harvest to how it arrives at your table.
  • To deliver correct, research-based information in order to educate the consumer in regards to agriculture and health.

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